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Community Rules


This is a place to share icons, pictures, poems, banners, and just anything you want that can be considered art or creative! Also membership is moderated simply for the fact that there has been a lot of spammers in LJ land lately. You can post as soon as you are a member, though! You don't have to post, if you don't want to. There's no rule forcing you to do so! :)

1. Please make your posts available only for members only in this community. It is the default setting and please don't change it to public.
2. If you have more than one thing to post, please put up an LJ cut. Also, we welcome everyone from beginners to pros. There will be no rude comments in this community.
3. No hotlinking! That is just not nice to any of us.
4. If it is one of my icons, go ahead and take it. If someone asks about it, then feel free to say it is my creation (angelicshadow). Otherwise, just enjoy it! It's not all about the credit to me. Just enjoy my work and that will make me happier than any credit you could possibly give me!
5.No community promo posts. Go elsewhere for that, please. However, you can link to your other icons in your personal community or journal.
6. Have fun and no drama!
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